[solved] Error in Commerce

I enabled the commerce module through the app store and was going through all of the settings and noticed this error: Error: The utilized component rules_activate_bought_og_membership fails the integrity check. This is found under the checkout rules for Give access to OG on checkout.


Hi. This seems to be related to the update of Rules from 2.3 to 2.6. Which version of Opigno did you install ?

Hi again.

Hi again. We researched this issue, and it's indeed the Rules update. Rules introduced some new behaviour when doing entity queries (fetching by property). For example, where before you had to pass a Node ID, you must now pass a Node object. This breaks many rules actually, not just the Commerce one. We're looking into this. We planned a new release for tomorrow - maybe we'll manage to squeeze a fix for this in it. Otherwise, it will be for next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem, just wanted to

No problem, just wanted to let you guys know. I haven't implemented anything so at the moment I am not impacted.
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Hi jlrobinson2171,

Hi jlrobinson2171, Updates are already available for the affected modules, opigno, opigno quiz pre test app and opigno commerce app. The new distribution will include the updated opigno app. Best regards

I applied the update along

I applied the update along with a few others I have been neglecting and the error went away. Thanks!!