[solved] Embed videos in a lesson

Hi, I'm using the embed video module to embed videos to the lesson. How do I add the embed video field so that when you click on the Lesson, Start Lesson, the video would play. Once the video is done, they go to the questions. Thanks.


Hi. Where is the Video inserted ? On the Lesson itself, or inside a slide ? And did you add a new custom field to it, or are you wmbedding the video directly inside the body field using the WYSIWYG ?

I installed this module.

I installed this module. https://drupal.org/project/video_embed_field Created a new field for the slide content type. When I click on Start Lesson, the embedded video doesn't show up for the slide content. I think ideally, for the Lesson (Mixed), we should be able to embed video along side adding slides, then adding questions (quizzes) at the end. Thanks.

Another note, I noticed if I

Another note, I noticed if I go directly to the link, http://domain.com/quiz/question/xx/xx the video shows up. However, if I click on Take lesson, http://domain.com/node/xx/take The video doesn't show up.

Ah, well to make it show up,

Ah, well to make it show up, it must be because of the way Quiz renders the questions. I'll have to take a look at that, because it may need solving in the theme layer. Otherwise, there's also a video embed filter somewhere. This would allow you to add the video in the Slide body, which would solve the problem for now (I will look at the field rendering though). Do you want to prevent them from going to the questions as long as the video is playing ? Or do you want to go automatically to the questions at the end of the video ? Both would require some JS, and some complex JS if the video is played through Flash :-S

Ideally, having the video end

Ideally, having the video end then give them the "next" button. However, for the immediate fix, when they click Start Lesson, having a series of videos for them to watch or powerpoint presentation to go through would be enough. After that, quiz them on the lesson and make sure they pass the test before continuing on to the next lesson.

Let me know if you have a fix

Let me know if you have a fix for it. I would love to test it. Thanks

This is an issue with the

This is an issue with the Drupal Quiz module. We use this module for the Opigno Lessons. I opened an issue [here](https://drupal.org/node/2133347). There you'll find a patch that will allow questions to be rendered as node teasers. We will implement this fix in the new Opigno release (released by the end of this week). This will also allow us to tweak the theme a bit to make the node teaser display "nicer".

I have Opigno 1.4

I have Opigno 1.4 installed and this is exactly what I want to do. I want to embed a video into a slide and require the user to watch the video without advancing it and then allow them to see the questions after it is complete. How can I do this? I try to use the WYSIWYG editor and enabled video on CK. When I press the video on SLIDE, it inserts a red i-frame (where the video should be), but when I start the lesson, the video does not show up?

There are 2 reasons for the

There are 2 reasons for the Video embed not working with the WYSIWYG. The first is that the input format strips out iframes for security reasons on output. You can change this by either creating a new input format, or editing the existing HTML one. You can go to `admin/config/content/formats/html` and deactivate the WYSIWYG filter if you want to use the HTML input format. The second is that the Video module, if used this way, does only manage language neutral sites.We have recently noticed this error. It has something to do with Drupal (stupidly) assigning a language to fields (even when installed in English and when the site is non-translatable; we enable `locale` - the culprit - by default in Opigno for lengthy reasons I won't bother you with). We include a "fix" in Opigno 1.5, which will be released this week. In the meantime, you can already include the fix by editing `profiles/opigno_lms/opigno_lms.profile` and adding this at the end of the file: function opigno_lms_form_node_form_alter(&$form, $form_state) { if (!module_exists('entity_translation')) { $form['language']['#value'] = LANGUAGE_NONE; } } Clear your site cache after adding this. It will fix the language issue. It's not retro-active, though. If you have published videos, you will have to save them again for this to pick it up. Note that you can also add a video embed field to any question type. Go to `admin/structure/types/manage/[question type machine name]/fields` to add a new Video embed field. When the field is added, go to `admin/structure/types/manage/[question type machine name]/display/teaser` and make sure your Video embed field is visible inside teasers. It will then show up when taking the quiz.
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Opigno multilingual subtitles

Hello everyone, Sorry for offtopic, but I really need help from someone willing to help us with this problem. We recently received a request from our client that they would like to enable the option of multilingual subtitles into their training videos, which they have on their internal site ( Opigno LMS 1.24.0). So far, we have managed to create a new video with multilingual subtitles, but we did not successfully connect video with frontend. We would need your help for the following items: 1. to link new videos (with multilingual subtitles) with lessons on the frontend, 2. The existing video files should be enabled for the title selection option (multilingual subtitles) In addition, it is necessary to keep video statistics usage statistics (which also have mini-quizzes as part of the overall training). This is not crucial, but if possible this stats would be great to save. Best regards, Srdjan