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Hi I've been playing around with the sandbox and think there are a couple of small display bugs (or perhaps user error!). apologies if these have already been raised. (I couldn't see them elsewhere on the forum) 1) I created a slide, when viewed here http://dev.opigno.org/quiz/question/196/slide-1 you can see it is quite long. When you 'take the course' only the top section of the slide can be seen. 2)Slide/Questions headings should be configurable and viewable. e.g. on page http://dev.opigno.org/node/181/take it says "question 1 of 3" but it's a slide not a question so admin should be able to choose whether to use the slide name label instead or even leave blank. Suggest that you do put a counter but right adjust it on this line and display as 1/3 Thanks Scott
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James Aparicio

Hi Scott,

Hi Scott, Both of these settings are easily editable by the root administrator of the website. The maximum rows for the slide was set to 6 and the question name was set as "Question". For demo reasons, the administrator is not an actual drupal full administrator, otherwise someone could mess all the configuration, making the demo unusable. I will change these settings on the demo website and make sure they are set as default when installing opigno. This will be added in the next release. I encourage you to set up a local instalation of opigno so you can see the full power of opigno. Thank you very much for your feedback and please let us know if you find any another bug.