[Solved] Bug on H5P Multiple choice show solution feature ?

Hello, Using Opigno LMS 1.27.0 and H5P Multiple Choice (1.10.4) it seems that there is a bug : Checking" show solution" in H5P setting of Multiple Choice seems to doesn't work, you can only check if your checked answer are true, but you can't see if the other answer have to been answered or not. With H5P Quiz Question set or Course presentation, there isn't this problem, if you check show solution in H5P setting, it's working. Is there anyone that can confirm the bug ? If yes, some one know where is the best place in order to report the bug, in Opigno or in H5P ? Thanks, best regards,

Hi Pepe,

Hi Pepe, Please take a look at https://www.opigno.org/en/comment/4019#comment-4019 By default its deactivated in quiz context. Best regards

Ok, thanks a lot for your

Ok, thanks a lot for your reply. Best regards