[solved] Award Certificate condition

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Hi everybody! Im trying to award a certificate when the student finish a class/course, I need to award a certificate when all course lessons have been completed correctly and when all courses have been completed class. I'm setting a rule but i don't understand how it works, some one could help me with a little example. Regards
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James Aparicio

Hi davidah,

Hi davidah, The feature that you are requesting is already implemented out of the box. In the course node you have "Lesson required for the course validation". Here you choose the lessons required for course approval and granting a certificate. In the class node you can also select a certificate to grant. This certificate will only be granted if the user has passed all the courses inside the class. If a course does not have any required lessons it is considered as passed.
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Let's try

Oh cool ! I thought that only was a simple course validation, I'm going to try this. Thank you James.

Hi James ,

Hi James , I'm trying to create a rule for awarding the certificate against class level. In my class I have - 2 courses - course 1 has 1 lesson - course 2 has 10 lessons. - All these lessons are in SCORM packages. I need to ensure that - user has to complete at least 1 lesson in Course 1 - user has to complete lesson 1 and 3 in course 2 How do I do it based on rule? Is there any exported version of rule? Thanks KK