Slow loading time since switching to dedicated hosting

Hi Opigno Since moving from your Cloud hosting to dedicated hosting, load times of the site have greatly slowed. Something a developer has noticed is that: On the new live development site "Executed 37016 queries in 35300 ms. Queries exceeding 5 ms are highlighted. Memory used at: devel_boot()=4.45 MB, devel_shutdown()=232.63 MB, PHP peak=242.75 MB." On the old development site Executed 3916 queries in 14948.91 ms. Queries exceeding 5 ms are highlighted. Page execution time was 17495.86 ms. Memory used at: devel_boot()=1.97 MB, devel_shutdown()=45.04 MB, PHP peak=46.75 MB. Something you say in your marketing is that your cloud hosting solutions are specially tuned for performance. Any ideas what we can do or what might be different that may be causing this? Thanks, T

Looks like we managed to fix

Looks like we managed to fix by optimising loading of main page

Having the same problem...

Would you please share how you optimized loading of main page?