slide revisions - not displaying the last revision, only original one

Has anyone been able to use revisions for slides? As far I understand</a" title="this should work out of the box ">this should work out of the box right? right? For me, unfortunately, it only shows the original version when launching the slide lesson, even though I can see after making changes to the slide content that it create a new revision, which is visible in the revision tab and also when I click the Slide link in lesson edit mode it opens the latest revision. I'm still on opigno_lms-7.x-1.28, appreciate your feedback / @ Axel & James, where can I check the code for Slides to open a revision instead of the node Id?

&quot;Latest of revisions&quot; needs to be submitted to keep up to date?

Ok here is something interesting I observed and did not know when working with revisions and wondering if this works as designed and intended:

Once there are several revisions and one revert to an older version, in the list of questions next to that slide the "UPDATE" column shows a tick box for "Latest of revisions

which when ticked and submitted it changes to "Up to date" only then seems to update it to be made available for users,

 that is if they have launched the lesson before but not completed they need to first click FINISH and when they launch it again it loads the updated revision.


I just tested the same by simply adding another slide to the lesson, and it only gets loaded if the user clicks FINISH and re-starts the lesson, no warning message is displayed.

I thought Opigno displays a warning message that the lesson had been changed ( similar to what I saw before"The number of questions for this quiz have changed. You will have to start over." unless this is in a different situation with question numbers only) and expect this to load the latest revision after a reload of the lesson??