Site install hangs in BOA Aegir

I tried to install Opgino v.2 (distribution version 8.x-1.2) using composer in /static composer create-project opigno/opigno-composer example-folder This worked and I was able to create a platform. However, creating a site makes the site install task run endlessly and does not complete, no errors shown. End of the running site install task log: ... Loaded alias @server_localhost from file /data/disk/o1/.drush/server_localhost.alias.drushrc.php - notice Loaded alias @server_master from file /data/disk/o1/.drush/server_master.alias.drushrc.php - notice Loading nginx_ssl driver for the http service - notice Loading mysql driver for the db service - notice DSN in Provision_Service_db_pdo - notice mysql:host=localhost;port=3306 - notice Loaded alias @platform_opigno8x12 from file /data/disk/o1/.drush/platform_opigno8x12.alias.drushrc.php - notice Calling hook drush_core_batch_process   debug I have posted this issue also in the Github BOA Aegir project Any idea what could cause this?

This installation issue is still not resolved

I tried today with Opigno 2.6 and the same issue is still preventing installation

Drush 8

The maintainer of BOA Aegir indicates that this is a Drush 8 incompatibility of Opigno. See

Hi Yuri,

Hi Yuri,

Opigno 2.x is fully compliant with Drush 8.

We are not specialists of BOA, so it's difficult to debug it, all the more so if there is no error message.

If you can provide some error message, then we can for sure help.

I suggest that you ask BOA maintainers to get the error message (they know better than us BOA, and the way to retrieve error messages), and then if it's related to Opigno we will fix it.

Best regards,


Reply from the BOA maintainer

Hi Axel, I got this reply from the BOA maintainer in github "The common problem is that the installation profile relies on some form to be completed during installation, so it simply hangs the process waiting for the input. That should be easy to spot in the installation profile code and is something many others fixed in the past by adding exceptions based on detecting if the installation is run via Drush or simply by avoiding extra forms on installation. Only once this possible culprit is ruled out you could debug this further with strace which is the most comprehensive and easy to run debugging tool."

Instructions for confuguring BOA

Hi Yuri. Could you, please, provide for us additional instructions how to configure the BOA because we tried [this manual]( but unfortunately unsuccessful?
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Related issue when installing opigno_lms using drush on ACSF

When using drush to install opigno_lms locally or within Acquia Cloud Site Factory, the install hangs. I've updated the d.o. issue > and reported a few others.