Simple LDAP support?

Hi, I was wondering if Opigno supports the Simple LDAP module? I've tried to install this, but it keeps on breaking the installation. Simple LDAP, somehow, works if it was to be installed using a simple Drupal installation. We've had success accessing the AD using Simple LDAP, but not the LDAP module. Thanks!

Hi Xtrobe,

Hi Xtrobe, We never tried the Simple LDAP module. We usually use the LDAP module, which works well. The only problem we got with it concerns group synchronisation, depending how groups are configured on AD. What's the problem you got with LDAP module? If Simple LDAP breaks the installation, do you get some error messages in the logs (either Drupal or Apache) ? Best regards,

Hi Axel,

Hi Axel, Whenever we activate the Simple LDAP sso module, the whole installation crashes. We couldn't get to make LDAP work for us, so we resorted to this module. By chance, would you happen to know a comprehensive guide on how to work on the LDAP module? We've been looking for guides for us to work on, but we are not sure at all what we're supposed to see to determine if the installation worked.