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Hi I wish to create a self-assessment, with around 100 questions, with each question having 4 options (poor, fair, good, excellent). I've attempted to use the Quiz tool, but the quiz tool appears to require a pass mark (not relevant, nor desirable to be shown for self-assessment). In addition, the quiz tool appears to require a correct answer, whereas in a self-assessment, there is no correct answer. Can someone advise how to set up a self-assessment, whereby each option is scored as follows Poor = 1, Fair = 2, Good = 3, Excellent = 4 For 100 questions that would mean at best a total score of 400. Someone conducting the self-assessment and scoring 100 would indicate the need for follow up as to the reason for their poor result.

Hi steve795,

Hi steve795,

You can use the a Scale question type to do that.

But if you want to modify the result of a scale question, you have to edit the PHP code that is in the file /profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/quiz/question_types/scale/
Look the question type "quiz_question" for more inspiration and explaination on how it works.

If you do not have enough coding skill, we can do that for you. Check the page Custom development for more information.

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Thanks Allan

Thanks Allan Much appreciated -- we're currently using Moodle, but as I'm way more familiar with Drupal, Opigno appeals for many reasons. Cheers Steve