SCORM validation

Hi, Actually, when adding a SCORM package (external package), there are no option to configure how the validation works. By default, the max score is set to 10 and it seems that there is no connection with the content of the package. Could you explain me with how it works ? For example I would like to choose that the activity is only passed if: (A) the users watch at least 7/10 slides. (B) the users get at least 80% on a quizz. Thanks !
James Aparicio

Hi mathieu,

Hi mathieu,


When using a scorm package, the responsibility of scoring is always on the scorm package.

Opigno implements the standards for the scorm communication and its the scorm package that communicates whatever it wants to to Opigno. 

Opigno simply receives the score, completed, and progress information that it receives from the scorm package and converts it into a value up to the max score that you set on the platform.

Ex: The scorm package sends 50% or 10 out of 20 to Opigno and then opigno will convert that to 5/10 in the platform using the max 10 you gave as example.

Those validation conditions that you are requesting when using scorm have to be implemented in the scorm package itself. Most scorm content creators (Adobe captivate etc) allow you to set those conditions. 



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