scorm question is not show in result page

Dear all! I have make a quiz that combines some hp5 and scorm questions (scorm 2004 - ver 3). When I finished ther quiz, the result page shows only a list of H5p questions with their scores. But the total score of the quiz included score coming from scorm questions. Could anyone help explain this situation? Thanks in advance! Pham
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James Aparicio

Hi pvc2,

Hi pvc2,

Because the vast majority of users that use scorm packages, normally only add one scorm package per quiz, we decided to disable by default the report form for question type scorm. We had a lot of users requesting this.


In order to have the individual scorm question results displaying, please do the following:

Inside the class OpignoScormQuizResponse (profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno/modules/scorm/quiz/includes/

add this function

 public function getReportFormResponse($showpoints = TRUE, $showfeedback = TRUE, $allow_scoring = FALSE) {    return array('#no-response' => TRUE);  } and coment out the function called getReportForm Best regards    

Thanks James

Thank James for helping! I have followed his instructions and scores of the scorm question are appeared except a title of scorm question isn't displayed. But now I found the solution by copy function getReportFormQuestion from Quiz_H5p module into opigno_scorm_quiz file. pvc2