SCORM progress not saving in new Chrome version

Since Chrome updated to Version 80.0.3987.106 ,( around Monday 10 Feb) Opigno doesn't retain SCORM progress. users last slide within the SCORM is retained, but slides already viewed are no longer as viewed and course completion is not recognised. Still works okay in Firefox however...any ideas on that one? thanks Theo

SCORM issues on Chrome

Hi Support Team, I've installed a fresh and latest Opigno LMS 7.x-1.43.0 and tested SCORM 1.2 SCORM is working fine on the latest Firefox 73.0, however on the latest Chrome 80.0.3987.106 we are experiencing 2 issues:
  • 1. progress is not saved when moving out and revisiting the SCORM
  • 2. the score is not saved after finishing SCORM
Looks like in Chrome it is not triggering the commit action"<basepath>?q=opigno-scorm/ui/scorm/<scorm_id>/<sco_id>/ajax/commit" which is bind with the event "commit12". Appreciate if you could check this issue for us. Thank you.

need to change flag

Every user need to sen hrome://flags/#allow-sync-xhr-in-page-dismissal to enable Other way - we need to patch scorm player or/and check content to use latest version. Here is a details for articulate:



We looked at this issue and and for scorm packages that do not explicitly commit, the data is not being saved on the latest version of chrome (80) because it disabled synchronous ajax requested during page dismissals.

If a scorm package does not explicitly commit the results/progress Opigno is doing an ajax request on "beforeunload" to do so.

This patch uses sendBeacon if browser supports it (keeping IE compatibility)

Drupal 7 version, Opigno 1.x

Drupal 8 version, Opigno 2.x