SCORM Package score capturing

Does Opigno captures scores from a SCORM quiz and store it in its database? As far as I have tried it's not storing the score from the SCORM and it's simply 0. Is there any special configuration that needs to be done with the SCORM or the OPIGNO simply doesn't store the score? Any inputs on this would be of great help for me moving forward.


Hi Yes Opigno is storing the score from SCORM packages. But the package format has to be SCORM 2004 version 3, is it what you are using? Best regards

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply axel, I will have to check on that! Once I get to know the SCORM version I will get back to you on this. Appreciate your help

Need help on understanding SCROM statistics

Hi Axel, I am using SCORM 2004 version 3 package. If a user who is undergoing the scrom course click on Finish button without completing the entire course his percentage is set to 0% But in spite of this when i visit the Statistics page for this course it says Passed as "Yes". Could you help me understand why would this be happening or what are the logical rules written for the same that denote which user is set as Passed "Yes" Or "No". Also what do the "Interactions" and "Avg Interactions" indicate and how are they calculated or are useful to us for statistics purpose.

Hi Kapilro,

Hi Kapilro,

Can you check that for your course you defined a required lesson for validation (in the course's settings), and that this lesson has a minimum score greater from 0 (in the lesson's settings) ?

For the definition of interactions you can refer to the Opigno's user manual.



Lesson 'Completion Status/Score' is showing -100%

I'm using a SCORM package. The total duration of the Lesson is 1 minute. After the lesson is over when the user clicks on 'Finish' button the 'Completion Status/Score' shows **-100** Need help