SCORM Objects Do Not Display

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Hi, I am posting steps with links to photos. I downloaded the Essential Sciences SCORM package from the Focus on Education site and uploaded the file via Manage Questions/Add New Questions/SCORM Package. It is in SCORM 2004 3rd edition and should work in Opigno. I have also tried this with Captivates that I have output as SCORM 2004 3rd edition. After the upload and save, the following is displayed via the Preview button. And it works! BUT... I go to access the SCORM package via the Start Lesson button... And it doesn't display... Thanks for any tips!! Marcia PS I checked to see if there were any permissions that may affect the viewing or accessing but didn't see any.
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James Aparicio

Hi marcia

Hi marcia

Please go to Structure -> content type -> Scorm package -> manage display -> Question

Please make sure the scorm field is not in the hidden part. That is probably your issue. Its it not set to display in question/quiz context.

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