SCORM 1.2 Packages and Importing Content from the Adapt Authoring Tool

We are looking to use Opigno LMS for our learning system, however some of our content will be written by a third party company and would need to be imported into the system as a SCORM package. We've tried importing a test package provided by our content providers into an Opigno test system but we've not been able to get it to work. They build their content with the Adapt authoring tool - - and it is outputted in the SCORM 1.2 Version. The closest related info I could find was this support call - - but it's for SCORM 2004. Note: I was successfully able to add the example SCORM package mentioned in this call into my test Opigno system. I'm looking to clarify what SCORM versions are supported by the Opigno LMS? Also if anyone has experience importing SCORM content built using the Adapt software that would be even better, Thanks in advance,


Hi Opigno only supports scorm 2004 at the moment. If you have scorm 1.2 packages you can use a converter like this one: