Saving a user's place in a course / lesson

Is there a way to log a registered user's last page looked at in a course/lesson and then to serve that to them as a link so that they are easily able to return to where they left off? Thank you! Harriet


Hi I don't think there is an existing Drupal module for that (maybe to be checked twice to be sure). The module would have to store the latest page for each user, each time he goes to another page. By the way, there is an option inside quiz that allows to resume at the same point if the user stops. Best regards,

Hi Harrietech,

Hi Harrietech, As a substitute, turn on the Drupal Tracker module, which enables tracking of recent content for users. Then the user can go to his/her Account page and see which pages they have visited last. Here is information about the Tracker module: Stephen