Same course in two classes

Hi, I am encountering an issue and wondering if there is a way to fix it from my administrator role. I have a course called 'using this learning site'. This course has been added to two separate classes. One class is a 101 level and the other a higher 201 level. I have a student who is enrolled in both classes. The issue is, when they go into either class and then click on the course 'using this learning site' it will unveil ALL of the courses for both 201 and 101 on the opening page, regardless of where they entered. My idea was to have the 201 courses separated out from then 101 courses, in a sort of beginner then advanced section, with the ability to be enrolled in both and go back when you need a refresher. However, this issue is causing any course that is in multiple classes, with this student enrolled in those classes, will populate this 'master list'. Is this working as designed? Any solutions? Thanks for your support! -Keegan
James Aparicio

Hi teamCozeva,

Hi teamCozeva,

This is a very edge case. What happens is that when you are inside a couse your group context is the course and the left block with the list of courses/lessons is determinated by the following:

Get first class that the course is part of and the user aswell, if there isnt any, just display the course settings.

What you discribed is not really the case. If you have for example: 

Class 1

-> Course 1

-> Course 2

Class 2

-> Course 1

-> Course 3

If you are part of class 1 and 2, when you go to class 1, you do not see course 1, course 2 and course 3. You only see course 1 and course 2. What can happen is when you go to course 1, you may always see course 1 and course 2 even if you came from class 2. This is because when you are in course 1, we get the first class that you are part of that the course is also part of.

2 options:

-> When checking the context of a course check if there are more than 1 class that the user is part of and the course is part of. If there is more than one you can simple ignore the class context. In this case, when you are inside for example course 1 you will only see course 1 content on the left block. No content from the class context would be displayed.

- Another option is to take a look at the og context module. This module is what saves in session the group context "og_context". What you can do is when saving a new og_context check if the previous one was a class and save it in another variable. This way in the opigno_quiz_app module, when determinating the content to display on the left block, if there is more than one class that the course and user are part of, you can check that new variable you added.

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Thank you for the explanation

Thank you for the explanation! I will try to work on those.