Its seems that when I installed the software only a few roles were created. None for students or coaches. Is there a way to create these automatically or do i need to create a role and select each permission individually? I'd like to have admin for the system, content creators, then instructors and students. Any way to create these automatically or is it individual?
James Aparicio

Hi 61admin,

Hi 61admin,

There are global roles (the ones you see under people/permissions/roles) and group roles (the ones you see inside the group users)

A user that will be a teacher at least in one group should have the student manager role. Globaly students are authenticated users.

The full list of group roles are available in our documentation, You have manager, coach, teacher, student. You can change the group permissions or create any other role you want.

Just keep in mind that the coach role is propagated down from the class to the course. If you change the role name (not the permissions) it will not be propagated anymore.


Let me know if you understood or need further explanation,

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