resuming a scorm package with submitted assessment shows different results after reload

I have a scorm package that has a quiz built in that after submitting displays the results inside of it. If a user does not click the finish button in Opigno and enters the lesson again at a later stage, it resumes the quiz and loads the page that shows the results but with a different score each time. Ie. I passed the quiz which shows 90% and tells me I passed, refreshing the page to reload shows it at 75% , 85% and even 70% telling me I passed (even though min requirement is 75%). The bigger problem is that whatever result it displays, after clicking the finish button it saves that last result in opigno, not the original 90% in this case and thus marks it in Opigno as failed. Has anyone come across a similar issue? @Axel / James? I take this should have nothing to do with the…</a" title="lessons max score settings">lessons max score settings right? When I submitted the assessment inside the scorm quiz, does it actually save these results somewhere even without having clicked the finish button so that resume can load them again?

Hi markusd1984,

Hi markusd1984,

That is strange.

You are right. It should not have anything to do with "lessons max score settings". If the scorm package supports correctly the resume feature it should get that from the"suspend data" that is stored in a completely different table than the actual lesson results.

Its normal that when the user clicks finish he gets the latest score the package is setting in the database. Thats how it works. the cmi score data is kept in the database. Its the responsibility of the scorm package to set this information. Once the user clicks on finish opigno looks at that information the scorm package has set and converts it into a lesson component score based on the "lessons max score settings" you configured on the platform.

You can test on cloud scorm to see if the behavior is the same (when you resume the score randomly changes). If on scorm cloud it behaves in the same way then its definitely an issue with the scorm package. May be for example a rounding issue with the values its setting in the suspend data.

If it works correctly on scorm cloud,. you can share it with us via the contact form so that we can take a look to check if its an issue specific to your platform or an issue with the opigno scorm player that needs tweeking.


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Issue is how authoring tool reshuffles questions

thanks and sorry I should have tested in scorm cloud first. It turned out the issue is with the authoring tool 

This happens because upon closing the module, the question pool reshuffles. Then, should a user go back into the module it will display a random % score based on the number of correct responses that have been included in the new shuffle of questions.

The behaviour we see is that If a user has already achieved a passing score – the random generated score (if a lower%) does not over write their score.  (In theory the random generated score should be lower in the majority, if not all cases.) But it is confusing to users! Especially as when they go back into the module the results page is the first one they see.

For this module we managed this issue by communicating this to our users and will need to design them differently / use different authoring tools ie. articulate etc.