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Johnny Flores
Hello Opigno, Here are some of the major problems I have encountered using the software.... Been using this for about a year, but now I had about 30 of my Calculus students test the quiz module. 1) Resuming Problem --- My lesson / Quiz is setup only with a open date and closing date, no timer. many of my students will work some problems and they try to continue the following day and Opigno will not allow them to continue. The get the error SYSTEM NOT AVAILABLE TRY LATER, but if they try a different device and log in it works with the exception that they must start the quiz as a new attempt. A new try. This has happened in every single quiz I have created. 2) The H5P multipliple choice not talking to Opigno- I created a quiz that has a mix of Opigno Multiple choice and also some H5P multiple choice questions. When students get to the H5P questions they select a choice, they CHECK it within the H5P ( to see correct answer) and then then hit Next question. THE bug is that students when able to go back to that particular H5P question their answer is not there and they must make a new selection. Also, if the H5P question is setup to show the answer, they will just keep going back to the question and select it. The opigno will record the last choice they made so they will always get it right. H5P multiple choice also needs to have a capability of NOT CHECKING. 3) My intention is to get this going to eventually offer this to my school district for testing purposes, but scalability with a mere 20 students if causing major lags. Do you have any recommendations for esscalability and performance? Thank you so much for your help, hope I can use Opigno for my future plans. Have a great day. Johnny
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James Aparicio

Hi Jonny Flores,

Hi Jonny Flores,

Regarding your first issue, it is very strange. What i suspect the issue was it that you had a question that you deleted instead of disabling. And when the students tried to resume it, they got an error.

I tried to replicate this and did not manage to. If a quiz is going to be done in several attempts, you should not alter it in the middle of the students taking it. This may cause them to have to restart the quiz or in case of you deleting the question instead of disabling it cause an error.  

Regarding your second point, currently it is not possible to navigate backwards to previous H5P and get the results back. The results are beeing kept but if you go back to a H5P question you will not see what you have responded previously.

Regarding your last point this depends greatly on your system. We are not experiencing scalability or lag issues. If you those problems with 20 students there is something wrong with the server it is running on. 


Best regards