Results E-mail for Quiz Takers as HTML or way to strip markups from lesson description?

Is there a way to support HTML within Email for Quiz Takers or strip the markups that are displayed from lesson descriptions? /admin/quiz/settings/config HTML would be great to allow for advanced formatting and inserting images etc. but the unrendered markups just make it more difficult to read and not look right. I checked out the '#type' => 'textarea' of $form['quiz_email_settings']['taker']['quiz_email_results_body_taker'] = array( inside /opigno/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/quiz/ which I understood is supposed to support HTML Can we enable the markup somehow to render properly? Or better change it to show as an HTML textarea so we can use editor ie. ckeditor with placholders still working?

Module: HTML Mail

I found out that drupal_mail_system() is responsible for stripping out the HTML from emails 

and came across the HTML Mail Module which enables the markups to be rendered properly.

(I'm actually using SMTP Module as well and used this guide )



This requires though the use of markups inside the Email template (new lines will only be rendered with <br> etc. )

Any advise on how to make this field available to HTML editor ie. ckeditor for easier use?