Responsive layout documentation

Hi, quick question regarding the responsive layout I haven't seen this structure before, eg: class="col col-2-out-of-2 col-1-out-of-4 col-1-out-of-6" I would have expected to see something more like, ="col col-sm-12 col-md-6 col-lg8..." or something similar, I'm not sure what the Opigno '1-out-of-6' is referring to. I've searched the forums/docs/videos, but can't find any record of which responsive framework Opigno is using, so I'm not clear on how to use it to create new layouts in a custom subtheme. Could someone point me to a doc/site which gives a bit of explanation? Many thanks



Thanks for your interest in Opigno.

Your question is very interesting. At the moment we did not produce a documentation about the way to customize the responsive design, but this is a very good point, and we will add it in our todo-list.

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