Require Time Spent

Moodle has a "require time spent" feature that has a minimum time that must be spent completing a lesson before it will let you move forward. I need that same feature in my Opigno setup in order to meet a legislative training requirement. What would it take to get that feature in Opigno, or is it there and I missed it? Thanks,
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Time Spent

Yup, I second that motion. I would also be interested in a way to monitor and control number and/or quality of contributions to a discussion/learning activity, much as courses can be linked by prior course requirements or the passing of a test. The original question post is over three months old. Is anyone out there!? / Chris


Hi, I had a similar requirement for my implementation - we had to ensure that students took a minimum amount of time per course/lesson to meet a regulatory requirement. I ended up rolling my own module(s) to track actual time spent per question/slide as well as modified my theme to set a minimum time per slide before the "next" button could be clicked. Our particular situation was made more complex by the fact that each course had to have a minimum amount of time spent AND the student can not exceed a certain amount of time spent per day, so our solution may or may not align with your needs.