Reports or statistics

Hi guys , What is the best way or module to get reports from the lms ? How i change the opigno dashbord statistic ? Thank you for your great work Kobi

Hi kobi,

Hi kobi,

For statistics, you can see all the statistics directly by clicking on the statistics menu entry in the main menu or the one that is on each courses and classes.

Now if you want to change the route of the menu entry, you can do it by editing the menu on the page "/admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu".

And finally, if you want to export theses statistics, you can configure first an LRS and then do your own reports using the data from the LRS (/admin/opigno/system/tincan).

Hope it helped you to find what you're looking for.

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Thanks Allan

Thank you but I do not know how to work with LRS , can i install it on windows server 2003 and Xampp ? in Opigno there is a page that called dashboard how i change it ? Best Regards ,Kobi