Removing max score from activities

Hello, Is it possible to remove max scores from activities? I would like the student to pass the course if they have passed a quiz.

I do not think removing

I do not think removing scores is something achievable although what I would suggest is simply setting a max score of 1. Assign some score per quiz and make sure that score is reached when the quiz is completed.

I posted about scoring in

I posted about scoring in another post, but am not getting a response. Can either of you explain how exactly you edit a max score? Thanks!

maybe it will help

Good morning. If you need to remove the participation of points for filling a specific module in the calculation of the total score for training, then you just need to remove the "must" tag from this module. To adjust the maximum score for completing activities, you can click in activities Show activities and change the number of the maximum score in the corresponding field.