Remove text from footer

I'm trying to see where I can remove or modify default text "Opigno LMS 1.21.0" that shows up in footer area.

In the admin menu: Structure

In the admin menu: Structure -> Blocks, then disable block "Opigno version information"


@Axel, thanks for your

@Axel, thanks for your comment. Yeah I looked at your suggestion. I didn't want to delete the Block but just modify the text "Opigno Version" that shows on the block.

You can create block )))

And be placed in any available space. For example in the one where you unplugged the unit, as recommended above. You can put any text, any formatting in your block. __________________ You can use as an example of a similar design: {div class="form-tex span" style="font-size:12px; color:#FFFFFF; text-align: left;">{strong> <?php echo "Test Opigno system"; ?>{/strong> {/div> You put it in the "create-edit" block. (in the cellar area for example) To create and edit blocks, you must configure PHP filter enabled. You must be in "text format" PHP in which you authorized the use of the PHP filter (other filters can be disabled) _______________ several attempts to place the code do not have success. I have no time to pass the quest "put the code". so You have to replace the brackets { these <