Random Formatting Issues

Hi Axel, I had a few random formatting questions that I would like some assistance with. First off, I am having an issue with the appearance of the Course Catalogue. I have designed several courses that I will be selling access to, and when I visit my site's course catalogue, the catalogue listing appears off it terms of formatting. The first course always shows the text aligned to the left, and then the other courses underneath are shifted/indented a bit to the right. Additionally, only the course image for the first course in the list appears, and the other images do not. I am not sure why this would be occurring in the course catalogue. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to address this? My website is www.web-therapist-training.net, so that you can navigate to the catalogue and see first-hand what I am referring to. Thanks! Secondly, also with the course catalogue, the Buy Access button, if pressed, leads to a 404 Not Found Page. If a user is registered and logged in, then the Buy Access button works fine and leads to the course being added to the cart. Is there something I am missing to make the button work to possibly link users to register on the site? If not, is there a way to remove the button from the public course catalogue, so that unregistered user can just see the catalogue without the Buy Access button? Also, I was wondering if there is a tutorial guide or video that I could post for my students to explain to them how to navigate around the Opigno Platform? This leads me to my last question, which is, is there a way to pin something to the Dashboard, so that when anyone creates a new user account, this item, such as a link or video or document, appears on everyone's Dashboard? I thank you again so much for your help with all these questions!

Hi DB,

Hi DB,

I was not able to reproduce your errors on my local platform.. Can you post here the source code of one of your course description please ? To get the source code, go to the edition page of your course and click on the button "Source". Then copy past here the source.

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For your second problem, I would need more information. Are you sure it was working well on the version 1.21 of Opigno LMS ? And can you copy past here the log about this error ? To get the log, fire the error, then, go to the page "admin/reports/dblog" of your site and click on the entry that talk about the error 404.

Thank you
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