Quiz Statistics, Item Analysis and Quiz 5

Hi all, I am in the process of setting up a new LMS as a personal project (for presenting additional learning material and self-assessments to my students) and recently found Opigno. Having been a long-time Drupal user, I'm all excited about the idea of using Drupal for my LMS. However, while setting it up, I have come across a few problems and would like to ask for help here: I would like to have the possibility to do some kind of item analysis for the questions in the quizzes (including evaluations like item difficulty, item discrimination, reliability and so on). Is that possible? Is there a module for that? Can the module "Quiz Statistics" do that? In that context... I noticed that activating the module "Quiz Statistics" (quiz_stats) requires the outdated Module "Chart API" (chart). Unfortunately, activating (any version of) that module yields a "white screen of death" in my case (without any info in the logs). Does anyone know what could be causing this? So, as I'm unable to activate "Quiz Statistics", I was looking for another solution and noticed that the module "Quiz" has been updated to version 5 in the meantime, no longer requiring the outdated "Chart API". Installing this gave me an error, as the "Opigno Quiz App" requires version 4. In an older thread James wrote that there's a "plan on updating once it is out of alpha". Any news on that? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.