Quiz setting

Hi, How to set time limit for whole quiz? Thanks in advance


Hi In the lesson settings, in the "taking options" tab, you have at the bottom of the interface a field allowing to define a time limit for the whole lesson (or quiz).


Hi, There is some problem in timing of quiz because when a user quit the quiz and after it when he resumes the quiz the timer still runs. How can I change it? So that when user quit the quiz the timer stopped and it restart when the user resume the quiz. Thanks in advance


Hi Yes, we know that, quiz have to be done in one step. They were designed for limited time exams. The time measurement does not take in charge stop and resume. This is not very easy to detect when users quit the quiz (they may close the browser, or go to another url, and it's difficult to get this information from the application). We are anyway aware of this point, if we find a way to fix it we will do it in a future release.
Johnny Flores

changing the availability time for a quiz

Hello, Is there any way to change the availability time for a particular quiz? Depending on the time zone I have no control bu the standard of 7:00 PM. Also I a what to close a quiz say Nov 14 , I really have to choose Nov 15 as the closing date on the Quiz Availability setup. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Johnny

Feedback after each question

Hi, I have noticed that if I select to give feedback after each question, the app won't let me give a general feedback at the end of each question rather it allows to give feedback of choices of a quiz. I think Quizz (a fork of Quiz) has got this option in built. Is it possible to update the current quiz app with Quizz? Thanks.