"Quiz Questions Import" module

Hi, I noticed that Opigno Quiz Question Import App only supports multichoice questions. I found this Quiz Questions Import module (https://drupal.org/project/qq_import) which should allow me to import various question types using csv format. I installed and enabled it -- no error messages or anything -- but somehow I don't have the "Administer > Quiz management > Import Quiz Questions" page (https://drupal.org/files/images/qq-import-project-image_0.png). Is anyone familiar with this module? Thank you! Juliette

I also had a problem with the

I also had a problem with the quiz import module: I cannot import tests with long questions. Anything longer than a few lines will give me a "cannot parse" error. I end up having to go individually add my questions again. Any ideas?

You can access it by

You can access it byhttp://localhost/import