question about reports

I have found two reports: -My Class Student Results -My Course Student Results I have some questions :) Are these available in other formats - printable, CSV, etc.? Are there any other reports available that I am missing? Are there any ad hoc reporting capabilities, so that teachers can construct their own reports? Thanks for your help!


Hi, At the moment the 2 reports you mention are the only ones for admin and teachers. Students have their own results inside the "My achievements" area. Exporting to XLS the results from these 2 reports is in our development roadmap. It should be available soon. At the moment Opigno does not propose teachers to create their own reports. This would be a nice feature that we may add in a future release (no date defined at the moment). All results being logged in database it's possible at the moment to create custom reports (by coding them), and, as soon as a dedicated interface will be available, it will be possible to create custom reports since the beginning of your courses (and not only from the release of this feature). Best regards,

We would very much like to be

We would very much like to be able to export class and course results to CSV or XLS. When will this feature be implemented?

Print Student Reports

Are the student statistical reports available for download in .csv format?