Problem with online course and payment linkage

I wanted to ask about my educational online course at I believe my course and the financial platform at PayPal are not connecting. Is there a way to discern if they are disconnected for some reason? here is what is happening: After a potential student creates an account and receives a confirming email, they are asked to pay. What happens next is that they click on the payment button which states, "Request Group Membership," and it doesn't take them to PayPal. I have just marketed this course to the entire state and am very concerned about losing a lot of interest. Kind Regards, Suzette Turner-Clark



What you describe is not the normal process with Opigno Commerce module linked to Paypal payment gateway.

Student should pay online before getting access to the courses / or the platform (the access is automatically unlocked once they paid).

It seems that you added a manual Paypal button inside the notification email, instead of using Opigno Commerce module so that students have to pay online while creating the account.

The problem you are having has absolutely nothing to do with Opigno, you need to check if the Paypal button you created is correctly working.

I would anyway very strongly advise to use Opigno Commerce module, it would be much cleaner.

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Commerce Module

I have enabled the Opigno Commerce Module. I assume that's where the Pay Pal information should be entered. Is Pay Pal connected to the Commerce Module a best practice recommendation? I have multiple people wanting to pay for my course and currently no way for them to do it. My former web person didn't do a very good job setting up some of these areas. Does Opigno have a service for somebody to perform management of the site for me and the cost. Thank you for your help, you have been great!

We strongly advise to use a

We strongly advise to use a payment gateway connected to Opigno commerce module, this will be the most convenient and reliable way. Then you can use Paypal or another payment provider, or many of them at the same time.

Yes, a support can be provided by Opigno developers. The standard packages are presented here:

We can also offer custom service package.

Feel free to contact us at info(at) for more information and to discuss it further.

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