Problem core when installing

Hi all, First of all, sorry for asking a question that might be really stupid... I'm a complete newbie on Drupal and Opigno. But it looked so great I had to try. So here's my problem : I've installed drupal 7.28 (downloaded on bitnami) => it worked After that I tried to install Opigno module from Drupal. I probably installed the wrong one firstly : Since it kind of worked (I mean there is no problem during the installation, but after I couldn't start it...). I found out that there was an other page to downlaod Opigno : So I tried to install it and here's the error I get when I try : Automatic updating of Drupal core is not supported. See the upgrade guide for information on how to update Drupal core manually. Did I do something completly wrong ? Thanks a lot for your help and for your project Bernardlamotte



Thanks for your interest in Opigno.

Opigno LMS ( is a distribution. This implies you have to install it from scratch, as a normal Drupal website, without adding it on an existing Drupal website. Simply download it, unpack the files into an Apache directory, and go to the URL linked to this directory from your browser to launch the installation.

This is the most simple way to install Opigno.

You can also add it as a module on a existing Drupal website, but it's a little more complicated.

Don't hesitate to post in this forum for any question.

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Wonderful ! It works

Wonderful ! It works perfectly. Thanks for your help, I'll probably come back with other questions. Best regards