Private Messages does not work?

Hello, I can't seem to see why the private messaging is not working.. When I messaging on main menu it take me to a page with no possible method of creating a new message see attached..</a" title="Image of Error">Image of Error 1 When I go to view and click private message view I get a link to create when I click it I get error page not found?</a" title="Image of Error">Image of Error 2 Can any one please help?

Hi mattduple,

Hi mattduple, What type of system of you running opigno on? Best regards


Drupal Version: 8.8.4 Web Server:Apache PHP Version: 7.2.29 I had to upload via FTP and install.. I don't know if this is the problem?

Private Messaging URL Page Not Found

Hi, I am having an issue with the Private Message URL. Users are able to send and receive messages, but when clicking on the message to view, the URL returns page not found due to 'en' being added after the address. 'ip_address'/en/private-messages/4 - PAGE NOT FOUND 'ip_address'/private-messages/4 - WORKS Is there a way to remove the 'en' from the url? Thank you for your help! LaurCamDev

Private Messaging URL Page Not Found - Any Working Fix For this?

Been looking at this bug for a while with no avail any help will be appreciated. Opigno version 2.19, installed via composer.