Privacy for multiple organisations

hello, I am trying to set up Opigno 2 LMS as a learning platform for teachers. The idea is to allow teachers from multiple schools to access the same lessons and resources but keep separate classes and students. I cannot see any way of stopping every teacher/student on the site from being able to see every class available and I cant see a way to stop Teachers from different schools from having access to every student (i.e. they could add a student from a different school to one of their own classes). is it possible to do this in opigno 2.0? best regard !

Hi biloa,

Hi biloa,

What should the school teacher be able to do ?

- manage their classes (add new users, remove users) ?

- see the results for the students in their classes ?

- something else ?


Hello Axel,

Hello Axel, Thanks again for your return! We would like : Each teacher has access to the training resources available on the platform, noting that the resources are available in advance and shared between the trainings or class. that each teacher can access and manage only his class that students only see the courses in which they are enrolled. thank you in advance !!