Is this possible?

Is there any way to achieve the following in 1.30 (or in the upcoming 2.0)? 1) A highlighter function whereby students could highlight text and save the changes to their account only? ...then export the text to a PDF that would include the highlights so they could study from a printed text. 2) A block that would allow students to input their own notes or paste excerpts of the Lesson (saving via AJAX with every keystroke)? ...again, exportable to PDF. 3) Instead of Slides built on a "Next" and "Previous" framework, could a Lesson be structured so that the entire Lesson is view-able by scrolling down? Ideally there would be one content block containing the Lesson text, followed by a multiple-choice question or two at the bottom of the text, then another section of text, followed by another multiple-choice question, etc. The student would never click "Next", but rather, the Lesson would progress vertically down the page as it is scrolled.