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Hi, I am trying to place a language swicher block in D8 theme. Which is the correct area to place a language swich in Opigno Platon theme? EDIT: my conclusion is that Opigno needs a Bootstrap 4 theme, this Platon theme just does not work, and also its usability does not have todays requirements. So I will dedicate next 3 months to create a new version of Opigno which will use a boostrap 4 subhtheme so that there is some sense in theming the Opigno platform.


I have already couple of volunteers but I'll message to you if we need help We really need to remove the shit out of the Opigno first, all this paid app and collaborative stuff. Then we can start from the clean table and create a better theming. Also the usability of the whole product needs a total rework.

Finally someone is on the

Finally someone is on the same path as I am. I spent a week playing with this Platon theme and nothing seems to make sense. I'd love to help. Is there anyway that you can share the progress of the work? Thank you in advance! Please keep us updated!

I put the language switcher

I put the language switcher next to the logo, under Branding region, as a temporary solution. It doesn't matter Bootstrap 4 or 3. They are all fine. In fact I still used Drupal Bootstrap which only supports Bootstrap 3 in many projects, and found no problem at all. If you want to add more region, you need to create a subtheme of Platon. Register new regions under, and rewrite the page.html.twig file to support that new added ones.
Amani Bwale

Kindly, I need css code to

Kindly, I need css code to change my theme colors on PLaton theme under CSS Overide. Please help.
Amani Bwale

How do you include the

How do you include the language switcher on Drupal ?