Permissions and

Hello! I have the message that I need to set permissions When I press the button to do it I have the message about this mistake: "... HTTP: 500 ... /ru/batch?id=60&op=do Т...Service unavailable ... EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property anomymous_visibility. in function EntityStructureWrapper->getPropertyInfo() (line 354 in file .../profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/entity/includes/" What should I do?

I guessed that I had this

I guessed that I had this notice after I had enabled Opigno Og access control(opigno_og_access and turned off Organic groups access control(og_access) At the same time anonymous and authorized users could not see content type "test Quiz" even after setting permission to "Take quiz" (Admins could see and take quizes). I tried to disable back Opigno Og access control and to enable Organic groups access control(og_access) Everything became ok with permissions and visability but I have 2 notices now: Notice: Undefined index: name in function system_requirements() line 34 and line 36 (Cause of the 5.3. php version on the server I guess)

New installation

Hi, I have the same error :( 1. I made fresh install of Opigno LMS (opigno_lms-7.x-1.35) 2. I crated new content type A and check "Group" checkbox 3. Another one content type B and check "Group" an "Group content" checkbox 4. I create content A1 (as content type A) 5 When I try to create content B1 (as content type B) that belongs to content A1 - the Opigno is "crashed" and in logs: "EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property anomymous_visibility. in EntityStructureWrapper->getPropertyInfo() (line 354 of ......./profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/entity/includes/" Wher is the problem?