Permission Problem for Teacher role

Hi I created a 'teacher' role and gave the role a permission to create and edit 'course' and 'video'. But when logged in as a teacher, teacher can create course but the link to create 'video' was not shown. The link to create 'video' was shown only after I gave permission like below. Organic groups: Administer Organic groups permissions I am not sure if this is normal or not. Why 'Administer Organic groups permissions' is needed to create 'video' on his own 'course'? Thanks in advance

Hi whatif.

Hi whatif. This can be a bit confusing. I'll try to explain, let me know if I'm not clear. There are basically 2 "realms" of permissions (3 if you enable Classes): 1. Platform 2. Course Many "platform" permissions have an impact on all other realms (like "administer content" giving you access to all courses), but only to a certain point. If you give access to a user to *create videos* in the **platform** realm, she will be able to go to `/node/add/video` and create videos. However, **at this point she is not allowed to attach it to any course**. These videos will "float" in the system, accessible by all other users. This is useful for generic content, for example. If you want to give a user (or role) permissions in the **course** realm, you have to go to `/admin/config/group/permissions/node/course`. Here you can manage permissions for the Course realm (a similar interface exists for classes as well). If you give the permission *create video content* here, the user will see the "Create video" link you mentioned. Now, final part: why did giving *administer organic group permissions* trigger the display of the link ? This permission *has an impact on the course realm*. It basically tells OG: "This user can manager permissions, thus she has **all** rights inside this group". Including *create video content*. That's why the link showed up after you enabled this permission.