The pdf.js library could not be found.

Hi... I don't understand why the opigno install package is not preloaded with this library, after all if is needed that just don't make sense. I downloaded and placed pdf.js on sites/all/libraries/pdf.js I can successfully run the demo from pdf.js [ http://MyHost/opigno/sites/all/libraries/pdf.js/web/viewer.html ] Opigno just gives the error that "The pdf.js library could not be found." printscreen Error: What I am missing? What you advise to do?



This library cannot be integrated in Opigno package because of licence reasons (it's not GPL)

You should check that the directory structure is like in Opigno user manual

Check also files permissions and ownership, and, if you installed Opigno in a subdirectory as it appear from your message, check that in .htaccess the rewritebase is correctly set

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Thank you!

Thank you! But after flushing cache now it is working! Just follow the link [http://MyHost/opigno/admin_menu/flush-cache/assets?token=rjav3usBCoBaUs3m8fO2lQt90qDGs2wivNFbsfNihhk&destination=admin/apps/opigno]

Same problem, for me

Same problem, for me following this this post solve it :