Organic Groups Register gives error

I want people to be able to select a group when they register. To this end I've enabled the "Organic Groups Register" module and followed the instructions in Everything appears correctly and the appropriate group is on the /user/register page - but submitting the form, or creating a new user, gives an error message. Details are in the dblog at but the basic message is: OgException: There are no OG fields in entity user and bundle user referencing node - course. in og_group() (line 2016 of /var/aegir/platforms/opigno-1.18.0-opi2/profiles/opigno_lms/modules/contrib/og/og.module). Any suggestions please?
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James Aparicio

Hi adambrowne.61

Hi adambrowne.61

I took a quick look at your platform and it seems you changed the setting for the user og_membership to only accept classes.

The error you are getting is because Opigno has a rule that when a user subscribes to a class he is automatically subscribed to the courses inside. If you are saying that a user can only be part of a class, when the rules runs you get that error because its trying to subscribe a user to a course and you said a user could only be part of classes. I changed it back to classes and courses and it works now.

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Thanks James, that seems OK

Thanks James, that seems OK now.