Organic Groups and Opigno

hi Folks, I am on opigno_lms-7.x-1.41-core, This is my fourth day trying to figure out how to make organic groups work with opigno. Here is my scenario: 1. I have multiple schools who want to use the same site. 2. I want to have a content type - College which is a OG. 3. For each college which wants to be onboarded, I want to create a new College content. Example C1. 4. I want to set the Group visibility settings to private so that no one sees C1 by default. 5 A college admin for C1 would add registered users to the college. OR the users should be able to select which college to register (subscribe). 6. All the course content should show up in all colleges independently and all the progress of the student should be independent of any other college (even though the content is the same). So far here is what I am trying: 1. First of I enabled organic group access module and for this to work correctly i had to turn off opigno organic group acess module (the warning tells me to do so). 2. After that I create a new content type College and added a OG filed for group audience and group visibility to it. 3. Created a college c1 with group visibility private. 4. Even though it is set to private the c1 group shows up for even anonymous users!!!! I have tried every possible combination but it does not work. What am I doing wrong? Also there is no subscribe to group button that shows up for the users. Please help!