Hello, Try to update to opigno_lms-7.x-1.29 version but have an error during database update : PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function opigno_moxtra_app_api_opigno_get_organization_info() in /profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno_moxtra_app/opigno_moxtra_app.install on line 49, referer: update.php?op=selection&token=wZOt_N5W9n8pFN17KX1uzT17P1aJkLxNzuHvGLkZXak&op=start&id=2788 I think this module moxtra was disabled and deleted but always seen in update script. Tks for help
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James Aparicio

Hi eva,

Hi eva,

That means that you did not upgrade correctly.

That function is in opigno_moxtra_app.api_opigno.inc. I means that that file is still the old version and not the latest one.




Hi James

Hi, Tks for your answer. I try to unistall module moxtra which is no longer used and it fix the upgrade.