Opigno upgradation help/suggestion

Hello, I am planning to upgrade Opigno from 7.1.18 to 7.1.21. Can Opigno be upgraded directly by copy pasting the directory in profiles > opigno_lms? Are there any issues faced by users who are doing this upgrade? Any precautions that I should take while upgrade? (I am using almost all the apps of Opigno apart from webx) Thanks! Rahul D.

Hi Rahul,

Hi Rahul,

No, you should download the latest version of Opigno LMS and replace all files (except the sites directory and the htaccess file if you customized it).

The run upgrade.php script

You should also download the latest versions from the additional apps and replace them in /sites/all/modules, then run upgrade.php

Of course do a full backup of your installation (files + database) at the beginning.

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