Opigno LMS Tour module?

Hi, I was inspecting the modules tonight and found a module called "Opigno LMS Tour" in my installed version 1.10 of Opigno. that sounded like a great idea (having a guided tour of Opigno). It said that it needed a module called "Guideme", which was missing. So, I went to the Drupal.org website and found guideme, which I installed on my Opigno website. Then I enabled the Guide Me module and the Guide Me Example module. When I clicked on the home page button a black message box came up that said: "Welcome! Welcome to Opigno LMS! We will show you around and help you get started working with this amazing tool. .......". with a NEXT button at the bottom That sounded great so I clicked on the Next button, then the text box closed and nothing else happened. No tour, no nothing. Does this LMS Tour feature not work? It sounded like a great idea. What happened to it? Best Wishes, Stephen

Hi StephenW.

Hi StephenW. The Opigno LMS Tour is not ready yet, hence it not being enabled by default. We aim to provide a full guided tour of all major features soon. New users will be able to enable this module during installation. More experienced users will probably opt-out to start working right away. We will announce the guided tour functionality when it's ready, don't worry. Best regards