Opigno hierarchy...How do I schedule a course multiple times?

Hello all, Sorry for the basic question, but I'm having a difficult time getting my head around some things in Opigno. Currently, we use InspiredLMS' hosted LMS product. We're not very happy with some of its functionality so we're looking at other options. I'm trying to understand how Opingo handles some of the common things we do in iLMS. In iLMS you have your course Curriculum and your Curriculum goes into Courses. To schedule a Course you create a Session. When an end user signs up to take a class he is enrolling in a Session. In this model, you create your Curriculum and Course a single time, and then schedule it with multiple Sessions. In Opigno we have Classes, Courses, and Lessons. I understand that Lessons are the equivalent to iLMS Curriculum, and Course seems to be the same thing in both systems, but how do I schedule a Course several times without creating multiple versions of a Course in Opigno? Is it possible at all? How do Classes fit into all of this? Please let me know. Thanks.

Any guidance on this?

Any guidance on this?
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I also have not found a way

I also have not found a way to give a student the same course multiple times. (As in the case of recertification after an expiration date.) Our solution was to create a separate entity and rules that would handle the expiration and renewal of the course for the usr.

Hi republichelpdesk,

Hi republichelpdesk,

Sorry for the late answer.

Class is an entity making possible to link one or several course(s) with one or several student(s).

The same course may be added to many classes, avoiding to duplicate the course.

So they may answer your need.

Feel free to post on this forum in case of further questions.

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