OPIGNO & H5P Integration

Hi All, Using OPIGNO (1.23) we have created various H5P Contents. At the application level we have set idle time out as 60 mins. But the content created by the content creator is more than that (e.g. 120 mins). While the end-user is accessing similar H5P Content, after 60 mins. the end-user is logged out of the application. How do we ensure that this session remains active for end-user? If any further inputs/details required, then feel free to post. Support is highly appreciated. Warm Regards, Narendra



I assume that the 120 min content is a kind of film, that the users watched without interacting with Opigno?

I would say that there are 2 possibilities:

1. add some interactions to your content so that users have to answer questions for example, and that will reset the counter for idle time

2. or adapt your 60 min limit for idle time 


Response - 01

Hi, Thanks for your response! We have H5P (Question Set) and these are Multiple Choice Questions. Another observation while debugging the scenario, after "Take" we are unable to see any interaction in network window. Same is not the case when we try OPIGNO-Quiz, SCORM Packages. Warm Regards, Narendra

Hi Alex

In continue to what Narendra has said, we found that current H5P Implementation calls the server API only once all interactions are completed. Is there any way we can send request to server multiple time and not wait until all interactions are completed. Regards, Shabbir

What would be the main

What would be the main benefit? Is this to ensure capturing individual events asap to avoid loosing them in case session is finished prematury ie. lesson closed without clicking "Finish"?

I would think this implementation is likely dependant on the h5p drupal module https://drupal.org/project/h5p that Opigno uses.