Is Opigno the best solution for us?

Hi there, We're looking into developing a Drupal 8 site that has one online training course that users register to log into (as a subsection of the main site), and the layout of the course is as follows: - Each section of the course is a page - At the top of the page are some videos and text, and at the bottom of the page you do a quiz about what you just read/watched - Once you've finished the page you proceed to the next section of the course (i.e the next page) - Once you've finished the 10 sections, you submit your answers to the course trainer Just wondering if Opigno is the best solution for our needs? Haven't really dealt that much with Drupal education distributions. Thanks for your help!



Thanks for your interest in Opigno.

Opigno is very flexible, and from what I can read from your short requirements above, it's perfectly possible with Opigno.

Just note that Drupal 8 version of Opigno will be available soon, but isn't available at the moment.