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Hello colleagues from Opigno. How are you? I'm exploring this wonderful LMS and I'm having a big question: Has anyone tried or knows how to perform user synchronization between Wordpress and Opigno? I have managed an earlier project where I used moodle as LMS. Now I would like to use Opigno, but I need it to automatically import registered users into Wordpress. I need this because the process is as follows: Visitor accesses to Wordpress and by Woocommerce acquires the course. After the approved purchase, it must access the LMS with the same login and password and its data will be imported.
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James Aparicio

Hi academiacc,

Hi academiacc,

To be able to login with the same login, you can accomplish this by implementing a single sign on mechanism. That said, normally the user is created on Drupal side once he logs in for the first time. In your case you cannot assign a course to a user that does not exist yet.  

Regarding the user creation and assigning a course to a user, you should create a webservice that woocommerce calls once they have finalized the checkout. You should add the nid of the course in the commerce side of things so that it can tell Opigno exactly what course should the user be getting access. The email of the user at least should also be provided so that Opigno checks if the user exists, if not create the account and assign the course to the user. If he does already exists just add him to the course.

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Thanks James

Hello, James. Thanks for the quick response. I understand what you said, but I still have the following doubts: A) Does Opigno use the same structure as the Drupal Database? B) Is there any documentation that deals with this integration? As an example of Moodle, this integration is very easy to perform. It is through a module called "External Database Authentication". Is there something similar in Opigno / Drupal? Best regards